Sep. 1st, 2015 10:20 pm
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POPPY POMFREY resumes her duties as the Matron of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, treating the ailments and injuries of students. When she is not reversing hexes, applying salve to potions burns, calling a halt to rampant contagion, and administering dose after dose of Dry Dreams syrup or Himalayan HotWot, she enjoys time with colleagues, Halloween feasts in the Great Hall, summer rambles hither and yon, and keeping up with her friends near and far.

In the second summer of the Peace, she makes a trip to Europe and, in consultation with an historian friend who specialises in the battles and betrayals of the Grindelwald era, Poppy locates the likely burial place of her husband, Rafe. She'll never be entirely certain, but she feels better for having made the trip.

A highlight of her later years, is the opportunity to be the keynoter at a joint Magical-Scientific conference on adolescent health and healing. Sally-Anne submitted her name to the conference planners. Poppy addresses one of the mysteries of the adolescent mind, the entirely predictable predisposition of teens to make self-destructive choices even while possessed of all the evidence needed to choose wisely. She particularly looks at the accumulated evidence that possession of a wand magnifies the likelihood and severity of accidental injuries and death amongst the 11-17 year-old population. In this, she concludes, wizards are in no way different from or advantaged over the non-magical population.

Over the years, Poppy has brightened her small office with things given her by her friends and students. Most prized amongst these are several beautiful cut-paper snowflakes made her by Terry Longbottom; a number of cunning drawings given her by Colin Creevey (her favourite remains a coy rabbit, caught with a mouthful of tender grass shoots); and a pair of ridiculous red silk slippers that curve up to a point with bells on, which were a Christmas present from her much beloved and certainly ridiculous cousin, Caradoc Dearborn. Poppy is blessed in her friends, her long life, and her good memories.
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I've had a most welcome bit of news from St Mungo's: they've had what I can only describe as an administrative coup there overnight. Albertus Behm has taken over the mantle of Chief Administrator (from Plympton Norwood), Jalen Allthorpe, the oversight of all Healing Staff (from Guinevere Acton), and, most auspiciously, Hesper Dunn has been made Head of the College of the Healing Arts.

Healer Behm's first act was to lead the Board in reversing its restrictions on halfbloods and in reinstating all those made redundant by that action. (He tells me there was some wrangling over a measure to offer restitution and back pay, but that it all passed in due order.)

Amongst other things, this means your Emergency Stabilisation licensure will be restored; you should expect an owl to that effect quite soon, as this has been made a priority. (Behm said the Board had little choice, given the number of staff vacancies at the moment.)

I should think that you would be able to find full- or part-time employment as a Healing Associate in one of the the Casualty wards, should you wish to supplement the stipend you will be offered when you receive the owl that will soon be coming your way from Healer Dunn, inviting you to join this year's cohort in Cambridge at the College of Healing Arts. I found Hesper more than amenable to setting aside the usual application process for someone who has given herself so selflessly to the liberation of Albion (etc., etc.).

Healer Dunn found your credentials, experience, and the evidence of your academic excellence (despite the lack of NEWT scores) to be superiour, and she estimates that you would have been one of the top two candidates had you been evaluated in the formal admitting process.

Congratulations, my dear!

Do, please, know that I recognise that entering the training programme may not be the priority it once was, and if that's the case, know that I shan't be offended in any way if you choose to defer or decline the offer.

If you've not yet left the castle, I should very much like to see you. If I've missed you, then I will send my own owl along with a small parcel, containing, among other things, your Healing Associate's pin, which I retrieved from the Head's office just now.

Do not be a stranger, my dear. I wish you all the best in what lies ahead.
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Why is Antonin Dolohov writing you privately?
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I don't wish to alarm Molly until there's more than my present vague information to offer, but I've just had an owl from Healer Behm reporting a significant disturbance at St Mungo's this evening. Explosions, loud crashes, and shouting. He and others nearby took cover and hid until they'd had an all-clear from the security detail. (He says they've been operating with heightened security all week, and who could blame them?)

He couldn't say for certain what happened: there are rumours of all sorts, but one of those is that Antonin Dolohov's ghost or reanimated corpse paid them a violent visit. Aurora's written something about him, as well--

Behm still has no direct information to offer us about Charlie, but he's concerned for Charlie's safety, and I suppose that means we ought to be, as well.
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All. I also have some progress to report--this, on the admittedly fraught conversations regarding St Mungo's neutrality. I've represented the Order; Cornelius Jugson's represented the post-Protectorate government; Socrates Kosta and Armenius Fletcher have represented the St Mungo's administration; and we've managed to bring Osiris Sinclair (New London, Bath, Hogsmeade, etc.) and Eurydice Scripps (Bristol, Leeds, Edinburgh) to the table, representing the morticians' guild.

We've inked and signed a treaty of neutrality that reiterates the Healers' Oath to treat all patients to the utmost of our abilities, and further promises that no Healers affiliated with the Order or with St Mungo's will breach any patient's privacy by alerting authorities of an opposing side of that person's presence within a hospital, infirmary, or triage centre in our (the Order's or St M's) control. Additionally, there are promises that Coroners affiliated with the Order or with St M's will release bodies to next of kin without prejudice and without any collaboration with hostile parties, which might lead to entrapment of bereaved families seeking to collect remains. The independent morticians have likewise subscribed to these promises.

It's been a difficult undertaking, and the result is far from a perfect document. I feel certain you will all immediately see that it does not and cannot ensure anyone's safety should one find oneself transported to St Mungo's (or should one be forced to deal with a mortician in New London or elsewhere for whatever reason). I suppose that makes it all sound absurd.

And yet it was not a wasted effort.

The talks did produce some positive results. My contacts within St M's tell me that Kosta and Fletcher appear increasingly under pressure from without and that their command within the hospital is slipping. I can report that they appeared to have orders directly from Rowle and Lestrange to take these negotiations with due seriousness, which hints at the state of things outside the hospital. (For that matter, the choice of Jugson to represent the government is also a signal; they could have sent an underling, but they sent a Councilwizard.) And I'm told that Fletcher and Kosta are at least giving lip service to enshrining the articles of the treaty in hospital protocol.

One happy revelation from our people on the inside: we have more friends at St Mungo's than we knew, and it's their impression, in fact, that the numbers have now turned in our favour.

That's hearsay, of course. And the sort of thing one wishes to hear, at that. But it's hopeful.

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Jul. 8th, 2015 10:29 am
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Assistance needed: St Mungo's.

We were surprised at the Puceys' house by enforcers. There was a fight. Injuries. I'm not certain how severe. Miss Weasley and Miss Sandoval have been removed to St Mungo's along with some of the others.

I was pinned down by a curse and couldn't stop their being taken.

Send help to St M's. They've not been recognised, I don't believe. See if you can't get to them before they are!
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Met today with senior healing staff.

Hierarchies are still provisional as we continue recruitment, but it was a great good thing when Frances Oxley came our way. I've every confidence in her ability to manage the organisational challenges. Protocols have been agreed and compensation matters settled enough to see us through. Able Bellweather's agreed to direct our regional clinics and coordinate triage units when we've a need for them. Now if we can merely keep supplies moving, we should be well-equipped.

I met privately with Oxley and Bellweather afterwards. Both assure me their contacts at St M's remain firm, and that when the time comes, we can count on key staff to stand with us. I've heard directly from Healer Allthorpe, who is currently head of department for the magical maladies unit, but is standing ready to pull his staff in behind him when our moment arrives.

All's quiet on the ward here, so I've agreed to go tomorrow with Miss Weasley to pay a call on one or two of the families she's identified as likely candidates.

If either of you will be in the castle tomorrow evening, perhaps we could meet then for a fuller briefing if you'd care for one.
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Melantha and her family are on their way to the castle. Enforcer Nuntius Jordan will be with them, assisting with their baggage. It's difficult managing everything when there's a baby involved.

If you're there and available, I feel certain it would reassure her to see you at the gates before we ask that they submit to veritaserum questioning or Hydra's legilimency.
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Alice, you'll want to send someone out to the gates in a few minutes. Healer Repton Chandless and his family (his wife, Meliflua, and 2 young children plus his mother-in-law and her mother) will arrive as soon as they've collected their belongings.

Meliflua sings with the opera company in New London. Her mother is, I believe, a painter or perhaps it's weaving she does, I'm not certain. The great-grandmother was a curse-breaker for Gringotts in her day, though I gather she gave it up quite some years ago. (Perhaps when she married the second time.)

Healer Knox declined to join us and had to be Obliviated, as did Healer Behm, I regret to say.

We're headed for Derbyshire now to pay a call on Tempus and Delilah Grandin; I expect he's on-shift this morning, but if she's persuadable, we'll ask her to call him home. I believe they've got small children, as well. Wish me luck. I don't have the history there that I do with some others, but he came to Hogwarts once for one of Aurora's YPL programmes, and he was both solid in his craft and a clear, patient instructor with the students. He would be an asset were we to bring him over, and he's certainly on the list of people who might come under suspicion for having been connected in that way with known Order members.

Auror Harkiss, Enforcers Jordan, Cooke and Brindl came with me, but I've left Cooke and Brindl with Melchior Culpeper to make rounds of people M thought he might be able to talk over to our side.

I'm determined to wring whatever advantage I can from the Nesbitts' tragedy.
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I've been listening to the grim 'details' on the WWN. About Effie Nesbitt and her family.


What I need to know... is whether you were actually there. And if so, what went wrong.

I hadn't realised  you'd Alice had  

Perhaps you knew she was one of the Healers I've been in touch with, in hopes of recruiting help?

I'd not had an answer from her yet, which- well, I'd taken it to mean she didn't think she could persuade Avi her husband, or didn't want to displace the whole family. But I can't imagine they'd have given anyone cause to pull a wand against them.

Surely the whole report is false? Tell me please that they've made all of it up whole-cloth.
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My dear, I am just on my way to check on you.

Do not feel you ought to answer here or that you need greet me when I arrive. I hope that you are already resting, but if not, we'll see what we can do to make you more comfortable.
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I write you all from the hospital wing of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry where a terrible crime against our youth has been committed by the forces of the so-called Protectorate in the name of a now-deceased and discredited tyrant.

We ask your assistance in locating the families of those of our children and staff in distress. We need most urgently to hear from the families of the following:

    * Agrippina Aubrey
    * Mendingus Bainbridge
    * Jenessa Beaker
    * Bartemius Beaker
    * Eustace Birchmore
    * Forsythia Bray
    * Belisarius Burbage
    * Demarcus Burbage
    * Victoria Catchlove
    * Owen Cauldwell
    * Thaddeus Chadwick
    * Stratus Cuthbert
    * Giselle Drumgoole
    * Francois duMaurier
    * Belinda Dunstan
    * Stephanus Featherstone
    * Arcturus Fellsworthy
    * Lucasta Forney
    * Eugenia Fribble
    * Gavin Hedigan
    * Dionysus Inderwick
    * Philip Kelpington
    * Joan Gordon-Kinley
    * Izabella Harkiss
    * Tangwystyl Harrington
    * Michele Iskanderian
    * Katrina Jacobson
    * Maribeth MacDougal
    * Rebecca Mackrell
    * Catherine Marks
    * Simon Masterson
    * Rebecca Midgewater
    * Alaistair Montrose
    * Francine Morley
    * Whitney Mortynson
    * Leo Munroe
    * Madeleine Mytens
    * Minh Nguyen
    * Nicholas Pastepot
    * Cadmus Peabody
    * Plautus Poddington
    * Orla Quirke
    * Isabella Rowle
    * Rajesh Rupadam
    * Maurice Scroops
    * Georgiana Stevens
    * Effluvia Stevens
    * Marlon Strangeweale
    * Angelica Symmons
    * Hepsibah Tatterson
    * Leighton Thomas
    * Celia Thompson
    * Fianna Tierney
    * Quintus Twycross
    * Rebecca Vane
    * Parnassus Watney
    * Alexy Yordanova
    * Adelheid Zimmerman

We regret to announce the deaths of certain members of our school community. Please join me in expressing sympathy to and concern for the surviving families and friends of the following children:

    * Gareth Archer
    * Igraine Archer
    * Ed Bones
    * Michael Corner
    * Andie Haley
    * Megan Jones
    * Neville Longbottom
    * Zach Smith
    * Eva Spinx
    * Seporah Swangrove
    * Serena Swangrove

Likewise, I wish to extend condolences to the surviving families and loved ones of the following recent and former members of staff:

    David Brutka, former Care of Magical Creatures and, later, Transfiguration professor
    Albus Dumbledore, former Headmaster and longtime Transfiguration professor
    Severus Snape, one-time Potions professor
    Professor Savitha Desai, Defence
    Professor Xerxes Glozeman, Potions

It is my duty to care for the wounded here, to comfort those in distress and extremity, and to preserve the dignity of the dying and the dead.

We here at the school urgently wish to hear from any parents seeking information about their children, particularly those families listed above, but including all others needing to be reunited with family members. I regret that the situation here remains rather chaotic in the aftermath of last evening's events.

Order Only

May. 16th, 2015 11:16 pm
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To those on ground floor and grounds: have Greenhouse 1 staged for receiving patients. Have a number here already, in fact.

Kingsley and his lot have warded the area well, and are maintaining safe passage between here and the side door.

Order Only

May. 16th, 2015 04:21 pm
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Alice, I've two more visits to make before I come to the staging area, but wanted you to know that the word is out to all of our healer friends and that we're as fully supplied as we could manage at the evacuation points. By 6 o'clock we'll have personnel (healers or field medics) deployed to the safehouses near

    *Tunbridge Wells
    *North Kesteven
We're depending on trained people inside the camps at Manchester, Porlock, Gloucestershire, Exeter, Lincoln and Harlowe to handle triage and treatment for people there. I have personally checked the evacuation points for those camps, however, and they're ready.

Should be with you by half-six, barring the unforeseen.
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Are either of you at Grimmauld this morning or have you gone along to Malfoy Manor?

I've something to pass along to you that is both time-sensitive and in need of special handling. From Smythstone.
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Alice, I'm with my cousin Alun and his wife Deirdre this morning. They've had an awful scare over night with Inferi trampling through the countryside between their inn and the village of Troutbeck to the south.

We've Fideliused the property now, but I'm going to stay the day. They lost two well-loved dogs and a flock of sheep. The inn itself was just outside the track those things took, and this morning they can see all too clearly how lucky they are to have escaped with their lives.

They say that Kendal was the likely target this time, but two days ago they say Morecambe was laid waste. And Grange-over-Sands. I'll see if I can't have a look this evening before I leave the area.

In the meantime, Alun and Deirdre are reaching out to their neighbours, checking in to see what the losses are, or who's fled for safety elsewhere, inviting them to come and shelter if they wish. For my part, I'm brewing Heart's Ease and keeping the teapot full.

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Apr. 13th, 2015 07:14 am
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Alice, Remus, Albus, All:

First off: I'm safe, and have all my faculties and limbs intact.

I had, however, quite a close shave in Salisbury last night. Albus: Merridel Hedges is no longer one of ours.

I noticed the warding as soon as I entered the inn, but I didn't suspect it was anything more sinister than security to keep anyone from surprising them. In the event, it was rather more sinister, indeed.

The gathering began normally enough with people trailing in, sharing their own news and other people's, and there was the usual fuss about finding the programme on the wireless. There were a number of first- or second-time visitors, and there was lots of sharing about how they'd all first heard about the 'fugitive station' and how they'd come to learn about the listening parties.

And naturally, there was lots of chat about my being there, and how long it had been since this or that one had seen me, and stories of the accidents and ailments that had laid them up in the hospital wing all those years ago. And then, of course, they told how shocked they'd been when I'd had to leave the school. (No one ever speaks of Pomona, but there are mournful looks that say she's on the minds of many.) I was momentarily taken aback when the talk turned to that 'Professor Brutka', who'd come from France and turned out to be one of us. It's never come up, and to be honest, I'd forgotten that outside a small circle, no one knows that was you, Albus.

That topic passed, thankfully, as it was getting on towards time for 'The Tuckers', and several people wanted to know if I've met Ms Morgansen and were quite enchanted to think I had done. What is she like in person? Is she tall or tiny? Pleasant or annoying? Could I bring them signed copies of her books? Or her signature on a serviette, even? And then Merridel Hedges turned the questions to the programming and the presenters, and who else besides Astra Morgansen were writing for the shows? And where on earth were they broadcasting from? Was it one, fixed location or were they having to always be moving about?

... And somewhere in there I began to have a very bad feeling about where this might all be tending. But then the music came on and the recap of last episode, and everyone was buzzing about what an appalling thing Tertius Apsted had done, and whether we'd have to wait and wait to learn whether Susan Hopping is really Elbert Candle's daughter, and whatever is the story behind Norbert Veigle's limp?

Then, just as the first scene started, there was a scuffling beyond the door, and in burst the Watch. It was madness. People launched themselves every which way. Chairs overturned. Naturally, Apparition had been warded against. And the wards... they'd been set to hold in anyone who'd not been told the counter and given a key stone. I was fortunate that someone looked out for me in the midst of the chaos.

Spells flew. I was briefly Petrified and rolled under a table, but Harry Clover, kindly soul that he is, Finit├ęd the spell, and someone else hustled me to the cellar door, and then I was rushing down ladders and through tunnels, and out into the night. As soon as I could, I apparated away, and made several quite random hops until I honestly couldn't risk another. I'm out in the western reach of Northumberland now--out above Kielder water--in a trekker's bothy, and I believe I'll stay put here today. It's a peaceful spot.

About last night: I'm painfully certain it was a trap in which I was not only a target but the bait to draw others in. I'm afraid many of the newcomers were arrested and many of the established members. Certainly, their identities are now known to the authorities, and if they got clear, they won't have been able to go home. One fears for their families.

If there's anything we can do for them, I'd like us to try.

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Mar. 29th, 2015 05:25 pm
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I'm not going to be back this evening. No need for concern. Simply following up on things and enjoying the chance to be out and about in Spring. I've just had quite an interesting appointment with a collection of dodgy individuals at a disused tin mine on Bodmin moor. (From Albus' list; did not disappoint.)

Am on my way now to Merrymeet beyond Liskeard. Felton Parish has invited me to a listening party this evening at the Waymark Inn: he tells me they're collecting quite a crowd that are completely taken with 'The Tuckers'.

(Do tell Ms Morgenstern that she has a burgeoning audience. Parish says it reminds them of a programme from back in the days when a bit of jiggering would get the BBC to come in over the wireless. And they're all on edge whether Tertius Apsted will let his daughter continue seeing young Bran Jones, so I hope we get a bit of progress on that front tonight!)

More farmers in this lot. Parish thinks they're ready to consider new possibilities. Even risky ones.

Which brings me to my report: I'd an excellent visit with Walter Legman out in Torpoint. He's continuing to push me on whether we couldn't Fidelius the lot of them. It's fourteen significant farms in his collective, all of them ready to put in with us if we can protect them and supply them once they're under the enchantment. They know the financial end can't work as they're accustomed, but they've had nothing but falling prices for years now, and they have a vision for being the ones that survive into the 'new era'. That's how Legman put it to me, and he was quite clearly being literal about surviving.

So. May I offer him terms?
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I confess I was concerned to read that the ward was closed last evening. Was that at Crouch's insistence? Surely if there'd been another serious illness or injury, those students wouldn't have been turned away?

Never mind. It's not mine to interfere, which is why I didn't wish to write whilst you appeared to be in the midst of a difficult situation.

I trust that you feel things were managed well enough in the end.
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How are you, my dear. You've been on my mind.

I'd like to pop by to see you if I have a morning here ever that doesn't flare up into drama for one or another of my charges.

Do tell me how you're faring?
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Anything further from Bedford? We could transfer several of the women here as soon as they are ready to receive them. That's assuming they are truly willing to take on the burden of longterm care for people not likely to make much improvement. (I've in mind Mrs Bigglesby and Misses Braith, Chandar and Monroe. Miss Wynn and Miss Levi might be candidates for Bedford, as well, though they'll demand a different sort of care, and perhaps we ought to consider other options for them and for Astra Morgansen. I do trust that she'll revive from this nervous collapse. The mania of her first week here was bound to take its toll, but there are good reasons to hope for her recovery.)

Remus, you asked about the Woods and their group from the Vale of Glamorgan: I don't believe they'll consent to Miss Yates' being sent anywhere they were not also going, though she's still not showing improvement. They're absolutely insistent that they'll care for one another and that they'll keep together, the five of them. I've tried to manage their expectations with respect to Miss Yates' condition--I've told them that their own progress has come much more quickly than anyone could have expected and that she may require round the clock care for the rest of her life. They're committed to one another, whatever may come, and they're buoyed by Miss Maddox's progress and Mr Perkins' increased wakefulness. And who knows? They could be right that with their attentive care, Miss Yates will respond one day. Some things are beyond knowing.

We do still need to find longterm situations for the others. I'm afraid I'm not optimistic about Mr Atkinson or our John Does; all remain unresponsive even to painful stimuli. And, of course, there's Dedalus and Mr Kinlan, our hollow men, to make decisions about. Poor Mr Skeates and James Prescott will both need secure facilities in which to convalesce as they're both prone to wandering--there's still no improvement to short term memory for either of them. (Nor long term memory for that matter, but it's their inability to retain where they are or what's been told them that causes us difficulty minute to minute.)

At least I can report that Antigone Cantwell continues to do well: she's emerging from her fog for longer stretches of time, and this weekend's bright mornings have been good for her. As long as the room is bright, she's alert and engaged. She's able to dress herself, and I've set her certain simple tasks, like folding laundry and putting clean cases on pillows for me. She's even gone and plumped pillows for people in nearby beds, and today, I found her sitting with Miss Levi, holding her hand and asking after her symptoms. Of course, I'm pleased to see her acting the Healer again, and I want to encourage this as a way of helping her find herself, but the vital spells do end rather suddenly in exhaustion. She's been napping by noon every day--earlier if the morning turns grey.

If Healer Cantwell is the happiest item in my report Anna Lexington remains the most perplexing. Truly a puzzle. I've tried working out why I suspect her, Alice, but, really, I'm simply less and less convinced by her.

Do you know, she alone of all the patients has made it a point (more than once, actually) to declare her identity to me. Well, there's Astra Morgansen, but that's a rather different matter. Of course, many of them have lost their memories and their sense of themselves, but the ones who can provide their names when asked have seemed somewhat fazed by the question, and they've needed to think before finding the words. Most of them seem quite unmoored from their past lives and from time, including the present moment, but this woman calling herself Anna Lexington is different. She... seems eager to talk about herself; she's continually narrating bits of story about her past.

I've noticed two things about that, however: first, while her talk is almost always about her experiences (supposed experiences) as a Healer's apprentice, she cannot be led to talk about Healing itself--it's always a pleasant anecdote about a patient or their families or about unnamed colleagues, but it's never about particulars of symptoms or treatment; and second, those stories are never about things that would be part of an official record one could check.

I admit she looks enough like my memory of her that when I first saw her, I had no trouble imagining that the girl I knew might have become this hagard woman we liberated from Azkaban. She does resemble her, but... I don't know what to tell you, only, I honestly suspect our Miss Lexington is not, in fact, Anna Lexington, at all.

Order Only

Dec. 31st, 2014 11:39 am
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This morning began with several crises, but I believe we may have turned a corner now. At least, I am willing to express the hope.

Alice, the time has come to consider transport to Saltash for certain of our guests. That means we'll require several escorts who are able to enter there and who are familiar with the community.

Remus, I trust the way has been paved for this transfer?
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I'm just on my way up with tea and a light breakfast. Eating at least a little is non-negotiable. So you know.

It's a lovely, clear day outside. Perfect for a ramble with a friend who will not press you to talk and will not startle if you feel inclined to blast every stone on the shore.
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This is becoming truly serious.

I do not want anyone going prematurely, but we DO all need to be ready.

Cedric: are you able to tell us anything at all?
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The stresses of end of term appear to be overtaking our collective good sense.

I should very much like to see you all off for the holidays in as fine condition as when you arrived for the start of term in September. That end would be more likely achieved if you would all desist from casting the inexplicably popular 'Egg-Head Curse'.

(For you information, Professor Sandoval-Pennifold begs to differ with those who have averred that its use was assigned for her Fourth Year course. I would advise you all to consider carefully before telling such fables in future.)

If you should come upon someone suffering the effects of this curse, do, please, be careful in transporting them here for treatment. It is exceedingly tedious to piece together shattered bits of shell, as must, of course, be done prior to reversing the enchantment.
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If one of you could stop in this evening, I have biscuits and a tisane you may safely give Miss Bawsley, who has, I gather, continued to suffer nocturnal difficulties.

While the elves are able to accommodate with dry sheets and night clothes, this situation cannot be allowed to continue through end of term when there are simple and effective remedies available.

I'm aware that Miss Bawsley has refused all offers and entreaties to return to me for care, so for your sakes and her dormitory mates', as well as her own, I propose a bit of obfuscation in this matter: you might offer her the Dry Dreams tisane and the biscuits as though they were merely kindnesses of your own, lest she refuse them, knowing they came from my hand.
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Aurora, my dear, if your work permits, we'd be pleased if you'd join us for tea on Sunday afternoon. We're planning to taste a bit of this year's vintage--the damson gin, particularly--to see whether it's worthy of gift giving. We can always use another opinion!
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Sorry our tea was cut short. (Have you ever seen anything as bedraggled as Messrs Montrose and Gilhooly this afternoon? Well, I suppose you have, but still, they were a sight, were they not?)

I wanted to hear your story about Tilda's new boarder, though, and then the real business I'd hoped we'd get to was to do with our Christmas giving. I'm afraid this isn't going to be our best year for the sloe gin (there'll be no repeating last year's success at Hebden Bridge), but the damson bottles are looking especially promising. Perhaps we should test that proposition next Sunday afternoon?

Oh, Pomona. I'm dreading the holidays this year. Do you know, I'd found the perfect gift for Caradoc. It's sitting in my cupboard, wrapped and ready to send.

It's no good dwelling on it, I know that, but I can't bring myself even to tuck it out of sight. Or get rid of it. But seeing it there, well-

And here I am getting maudlin. Where are the ludicrous hex calamities when you need one?
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If you are at all able, please come to the Hospital Wing. I have need of you.
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Thank you for your tireless help Friday night, and bless you for the pastries that arrived yesterday, and for seeing that the elves brought tea this afternoon.

It has been rather wearing this weekend, for all of us. And having not been present at the feast, I can only imagine how difficult it's been for those of you who were.

How are you bearing up? I suspect the numbness has worn off. Have you slept at all?

I'm just dispensing calming, soothing, settling and sleeping draughts of various types and could easily send the elves with something if it would help. (And I be most pleased to hear how you are, even if you don't need anything at the moment.)
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Severus, I've heard from Nymphadora that she is having contractions. Obviously it is too soon for that child to come. She says you are brewing for her and that they are researching diagnostic procedures. Take it you are at GP? Use a vivi varification spell first. It will confirm one life or two. If that is negative, you should be brewing an abortifacient.

Let me know what is happening.

Obviously it would be awkward for me to go missing with the Protector due here for supper. But I will come if needed.

Alternatively, and this would involve some risk to all--I do also have one colleague I believe would be trustworthy (I hope) and will ask her help if this becomes an emergency and if all concerned agree it worth the risk of exposure.

Let me know.
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My dear, I'm expecting to have rather a lot of upset tummies this evening (and not a few cases of night terrors over night). The Lord Protector has a well-known deleterious effect on people's digestion and nerves.

I've no wish to interrupt your supper, but I wonder if you'd be willing to be 'on call' should things become over-busy here. (And in that invitation, I include the possibility that you might wish an excuse to absent yourself from the hall if things become unbearably tense there. I will be pleased to have your company whether it's strictly necessary or not.)
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The post this morning brought me a parcel from Rodolphus Lestrange. I should be able to execute the needed processes over the weekend (assuming there's no outbreak of plague or folly to upset things).

I hope to have results for you by Sunday evening.

On an unrelated note, I expect this evening's visitation will have its stresses and that there will be an uptick in admissions here in the hospital wing. This would be true were it only a holiday feast--people will overdo--but with the Protector's visit, there is potential for... the unforeseen. If need arises, please know that my ward can hold many and that if there's a need to send anyone out of harm's way or... I frankly don't know what to expect... If there's need, I will welcome anyone whether they've a need of healing or merely a safe place out of the way.
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My dear, I'm afraid that the sample Miss Lestrange contributed for us has not proven a match, but as you know, that rules nothing out. Had it indicated a family connection, we could have taken that as proof, but the reverse is not true. The negative result may only mean that her mother's influence outweighs or dilutes the markers of her Lestrange heritage.

If you wish, I will contact Rodolphus Lestrange and ask if he would be willing to contribute a sample to corroborate his claims. I could also, of course, enquire of Healer Fletcher about the results he obtained for Professor Lestrange, but I'll wait for your decision before I proceed with either of them.
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Albus. You are a difficult man to catch in person, so let me see whether you might respond to a written approach.

I need to consult with you.
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If you were here, I'd be making my way up to see you now, my box of birthday biscuits in hand, for our celebratory cup of tea. And, of course, we wouldn't mention why it was we were no longer raising a dram to toast your health, though Phineas Nigellus might be depended upon to poke his long nose into the conversation and state the uncomfortable truth.

I don't miss our evenings with old Headmaster Black. He's still there, of course, as I found when I met with Dolohov recently. As smug and snide as ever, not least about the way in which Dolohov is making the job his own.

And he is. I know it's unreasonable to fault him for that, and we do know how much worse it might be, and yet... Minerva, he's given the children a duelling course, and already I'm patching up the wounded. Not only that, but he's brought Desai back here.

If anything, she's more potent, a greater threat to them. And it does give me pause... does Dolohov... or Voldemort... have some inkling that they may be forced into the field again to defend what they control? Why else would they want her here? Here where she can poach the most promising young wands and prepare them for martyrdom.

You know, I'm finding it very hard, accepting that you've gone on. My age showing, I suppose, but I miss you.

I'm having a cup of tea and a biscuit now, and after last rounds, I'll raise a dram in your honour.

Rest well, Minerva.

Order Only

Sep. 20th, 2014 02:14 pm
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Alice, I was unable to view the book last night, despite Cedric's opening the Headmaster's office to me whilst Dolohov was out. The book resides in his private, inner rooms, which were inaccessible in his absence.

As it was, however, he was immediately in touch upon his return to inquire about my having stopped by. His wards had registered my presence.

Not a surprise in itself, but a useful reminder that he is a master of warding and detection.
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Bill. I've had something come to my attention about a healer with a rather unsavoury reputation who may have an appointment at one of the werewolf enclaves. I wonder if you might have access to any information about Healer Hubert Drubble. He's also got a part time appointment at St Mungo's and a friend has raised questions about him that got me thinking again with concern about the enclaves. If he is there as a bad actor, perhaps we could do a small good turn by seeing that someone looks into the matter? For starters, though, I should just be interested to know what you are able to find in the Protectorate Affairs records. If anything.
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I'd hoped we might have a quiet spell tonight, but, alas. Not a private moment to be had.

What I wished to tell you is that I've learned a bit more about Healer Drubble. I inquired first of a colleague, who serves on the hospital's Standards Board, and I found her reluctant to say much about the man. She acknowledged his deportment leaves something to be desired, but assured me that his work is adequately supervised.

I found the whole conversation... unsatisfying, so I put a careful question about him to Healer Nesbitt, a friend of many years, who has been at St Mungo's as long as I've been here. She's the sort people tell things to, and she's a good judge of what she hears. What she's heard about Drubble is that he works several shifts a month at one of the werewolf enclaves, a sort of work that is generally felt to be beneath a St Mungo's Healer. Let's say his reputation has not been enhanced by this becoming known at the hospital, but it's Effie's impression that he may have resorted to such employment because he's never been able to secure a full, stable position at the hospital.

There was a bit more to her report, but what follows is much less authoritative. She says she's not heard so much as gathered that there's something unsavoury about the man. (You could have told her as much, I know.) She couldn't be more specific, but she's got the impression that he might be involved in some dodgy business. I mentioned that Madam Merriman had been distinctly unforthcoming about Drubble, and I got a long pause in reply. And then she said, 'Well, either we'll hear eventually that he's been investigated and sacked, or we won't, in which case we can guess that someone's got a reason to keep him on staff and isn't at all interested in having anyone nose into it'. She suggested that in either case, I might do best not to raise the matter in other quarters.

So, that's that. At least for now.
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Remus, in the course of my travels this summer I've collected an assortment of things I thought you might find interesting or useful, all of them small enough that I've tucked them into my portmanteau and carried about, thinking that the right moment would come to add a quick visit at Grimmauld Place to my itinerary. How we've got nearly to the end of August already, I've no idea, but if I don't get these items to you now, I'll quite miss my opportunity to look at them with you.

The first is a quite an ingenious glass for seeing who's coming up or down the Conduit before they reach the shop.

Then there's a proper door warden--a lion with a rather severe manner about him. If the wrong person tries the knocker, I imagine he might take the hand off at the wrist. I like him. However, while I feel certain he'd quickly learn whom one trusts to enter, I do think, really, he'd send the wrong sort of message if I were to hang him on the entry to the hospital wing. I thought, perhaps, you'd find him useful, though: perhaps you'd have fewer visits from your local Watchers.

There's also a good, strong finding stone. I've tested it over a few miles distance, and it works a charm. I believe it could be used as a directional stone, as well, if you asked it to point you. If you don't have a use for it, perhaps you could hand it on to one of the people who pass through on their way Elsewhere.

And I've an assortment of other things: a pair of amulets warded against night dangers, a nice package of copying parchment that will take up an image from anything you ask it to copy, a pair of decidedly dodgy dice, and the thing I most want you to have a look at--a book to tuck in a robe pocket that makes a list of the names and details of anyone you meet. It's worked a treat for me in a variety of settings (gave me a complete roster of my companions last night at the Cap and Bells in Holyhead, for instance).

I don't suppose you're still up this evening, but perhaps tomorrow? I've several stops in the morning, and an appointment at one o'clock in Tutshill, but after that, I'd be free to pop through either to the shop or to Grimmauld Place.
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Pomona and I think we've reached 'the moment' for broaching things with Aurora Sinistra--and, with your permission, her mother, Arca. We may have an opportunity this Sunday evening, in fact, when we will all be gathered together. If you'd support our speaking to them. And if one of you would be able come take the oaths should we get so far. Actually, I think it might best be Remus in this case, given the way in which her cottage has been warded, but I'll come back to that. First, I want to brief you a bit on what makes us think them good candidates for recruitment.

The mother is, truly, a much simpler case than the daughter, though you know how long we've been cultivating her: I've every confidence that Arca Sinistra is sympathetic and that she'll be willing to join us in a formal capacity when given the chance. Her work is with the Department of Public Education, where her brief is food and nutrition, which mostly means writing pamphlets and offering seminars for folks struggling to put reasonably appealing meals on the table within an average family's budget. Her professional connections in and out of the Ministry could be quite useful to us, I believe, so I invited her along last Saturday to visit Melchior Culpeper, a dear old friend we share in common with Albus. Melchior was a mentor not only to me, but to Arca's mother, Prosperine Smith--I'd never put the pieces together to realise the relation: mother, daughter, granddaughter. Small world. In any case, I wanted Melchior's opinion on whether we could safely invite her to participate in some of Albus's projects--that's how he thinks of us, of course--and after our afternoon's conversation, there was really no doubt.

As for Aurora, Pomona and I have been making regular visits since her bereavement, and I believe she's finally at the point where she could reasonably consider and responsibly accept an offer from the Order. Certainly, she's reached the stage where she's feeling restless in her seclusion and wanting to find things not only to occupy herself but also to make a tangible contribution for good in the world. I've already involved her in a project of mine to bake enriched biscuits for the Highland village schools where there's an acute malnourishment problem. (She's one of a number of people who've agreed to help me with that; in fact, I've enough now to promise that I'll be able to set aside a proportion for Sherwood and Moddey.)

But back to Aurora. She's at the stage of grief where she's absolutely furious with the Protectorate (and, I believe, the Protector) for what it does to people and for what it fails to provide its people. We've talked about so many of its failings of late. Transfigured food. Shortages of medicinal potion supplies. Restrictions on imports. Incomprehensible regulations and interference with trade of all sorts. Book bans. Surveillance. Restrictions on the press. The lack of funding to support fostered halfbloods. The number of places that make it difficult for halfbloods to secure decent work, or rent a flat, or receive fair treatment or service. Biases in the village schools. Last week she was feeling especially impassioned about the fact that some lines of work and life choices are disproportionately admired (Aurors, Enforcers, having lots of babies for the Protectorate) while so many other objectively necessary, worthy paths are disdained (the necessary support tasks that keep society functioning).

I hope you agree that it's worth opening the subject to her now--to both of them--and if so, would you be available Sunday evening to come out to Cornwall to administer oaths? As I said, her cottage wards are an issue (and I hope not a red flag that will scuttle the whole matter). The first issue is that she's not entirely sure what all their layers may because (and this is the second issue) they were set for her by Antonin Dolohov. Ahem.

The first layer of warding is intention-based, so if you mean no harm to Aurora, it should be possible for her to admit you. The concerning thing is that Dolohov has almost certainly placed more specific protections to guard against known enemies of the Council who might conceivably see her as a target. Albus and I discussed this and feel it would be unwise for him to attempt to enter, and I think Alice and Frank are surely in the same category. Remus, I know you're also something of an outlaw, but perhaps not so likely to have been in Dolohov's mind when he was weaving her security spells. And I've been thinking, too, that you might be an excellent first person to introduce to her as she knows you already. I know she thought well of you when you were at the school. If nothing else, her reaction to you would tell us much about her ability to handle the surprises of initiation.
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Wanted you to know that Hester Charles has invited me out to Osmington Mills for supper this evening. (I understand they're calling it the Integrity now, distancing themselves from 'Smugglers' Inn' as if that were only ever a quaint Mugglism). I gather a good number of the clan will be there--Seawards, Lewises and Champs, certainly, along with a Willoughby or a Voss, perhaps. Hester promises her uncle Emmanuel will be there, and Anna Walters.

She seemed pleased to see me--interested to hear what I might have on offer and willing to discuss what they might do for us.

I'll ask after Mundungus, of course.

Don't expect to hear from me before tomorrow, but if you don't hear from me then, you may worry.
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Auri, dear, I'm sorry to write at the last moment, but I seem to have had something off at lunch and am feeling quite poorly now. Well, I suspect the worst has passed, but I don't think I ought to try Apparating.

How were your other visits this week? The young ladies were charming, I'm sure. And how did you manage with the flying?
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My dear, I intended to write you yesterday, this morning at the latest... and now here it is, bedtime.

Of course, I no sooner arrived here at Waddesdon, than I was caught up by old friends and then plunged into the business of the week, which is proving quite challenging. More really than I'd bargained for. I'm afraid I must be more than a year older than I was last summer!

Did you have a nice visit with your sister-in-law yesterday? I hope she's well. What keeps her busy these days?

I spoke to Pomona briefly last evening, by the way, and she'd got your parcel with Wattle and Daub. Said the owl was in a foul mood after carrying it so far! I'm so glad you enjoyed it. I'll keep my eyes peeled for mysteries for you. Of a certain vintage, so you might not have read them before, and I'll especially have a look for the sort with strong women at the helm. I agree with you that one of the pleasures of that book was her decisiveness, and the fact that her notions of what needed to be done were often slightly aslant what the rest were prioritising or expecting. I hadn't noticed it until you mentioned that.

Before I forget, I'm going to close here and send you off an owl with the copied pages from my field books--mostly it's Dartmoor walks, but a few Bodmin treks. Do feel free to laugh at me about the creatures I've squiggled along the edges and in the corners. One meets so many characters when one goes walking!
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It was lovely to see you yesterday. (You, too, Frank, but it's Mr Creevey I'm chiefly addressing here.)

And I was not only impressed, but most interested in the drawings you shared with me. Your eye for portraits is truly remarkable. And your choice of moments that capture the personality and depth of character--most insightful. The men in Saltash who worked digging out those tunnels. That whole series is really striking.

Here, such as it is, a sample of my recent sketching. This is the proud gentleman I told you about at Blithfield Hall. Proud to be a Bagot, this one!

Bagot Goat, Blithfield Hall photo Y6BagotGoat_zps9ebd8afb.jpg
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Well. I've had a most interesting week in entirely congenial surroundings. The Moated Grange is a lovely rural retreat in the midst of a working farm. Nothing like waking to the cock's crow, and then taking breakfast whilst the cows ramble past the windows, returning to their pasture along the lane outside.

I've just been having an afternoon's ramble across the fields, over styles and through gaps in hedges. I can hear someone whistling his dogs to herd the sheep--just over the next rise and I might see them, I expect, but for the moment I've got a nice shady spot and feel quite pleased to sit where I'm sat.

Oh, and I have learned quite a lot of interesting new things about nutrition and appetite in young people this week. Lest you think I've just been larking in the countryside at the school's expense!

I expect you've heard Pomona talk about Marianna Dolefoot and her farm? We've been purchasing their chickens and pigs for the school--for six or seven years now, I suppose it's been. And Mina's taken to buying most of her feed from them. Says they've the best specialty formulas she's found. A nicer pair you've never met, Marianna and Belmot Rangemore. Business partners only, I think. Not that it matters.

I hope your week has had its own pleasant moments. If it suits your schedule, I'm still intending to stop out on Sunday afternoon. I'll bring the makings of supper along with me.
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Just a brief message to let you know I arrived here at Abbots Bromley in good form last evening and have had a packed first day... and evening. Quite a lot of old friends gathered here, and a snug little pub down the village where we've devoted ourselves to catching up with one another.

It was lovely to see you yesterday, my dear, and reassuring. I doubt you feel it yet yourself, but the records you're keeping do show things levelling out. Incrementally. Two suggestions based on the patterns I see there: first, that your dream content seems less distressi more positive the more regular your dietary intake; second, I suspect that there's more than coincidence linking the walking you'd done Friday and Saturday to yesterday's fairer outlook. Mind you, I'm not at all overlooking the likelihood that you rose to the occasion of my being there and that after my departure you may have sagged rather. I hope that on the whole you found my being there beneficial.

If so, I'd quite like to repeat the pleasure (because I do very much enjoy your company) at the weekend--would Sunday suit?
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I trust you've made it to your quiet cottage and are beginning to settle in a bit. If you haven't found it, there should be a basket there somewhere from Pomona and me--hopefully the elf left it in a place you'd easily see it. I'm sure the Guild provided some welcome supplies for you, or I hope they did, but we wanted to be sure you'd have something to nibble on until you've had a chance to order in your own provisions.

You'll find I've tweaked the formulation for the Small Mercies syrup; I'm hopeful it will serve you better in this iteration.

On another topic altogether: is there someone you could turn to for help managing your post for a bit? I couldn't help but notice that there were an extraordinary number of owls disappointed to miss you this morning. I imagine you are being rather snowed under by people expressing their sympathies.

I doubt I'm the one to help with private correspondence, but do know that if there is anything I could do, I'd be most happy to oblige.

Please give my regards to your mother. I understood she might be with you this evening. Tell her I hope we might find time for another lunch sometime soon.
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Aurora, dear.

I stopped by but your brother said you had asked not to be disturbed. I hope that means you're able to get some sleep.

I did leave with him two things that might help if you've reached the point of wishing to try them. Neither is a sleep potion, per se. I know how you feel about those. While each of them should help you find sleep and make the sleep you take more beneficial, neither will keep you asleep artificially should you need or wish to waken. I should also say that neither will make you feel sluggish if you continue awake; the effect will be more an easing of tension and a soothing of thoughts.

The first (in the greenish commercial bottle labelled 'Sweet Relief') is crystalline in form--rather like sugar-- and should be added to tea or tisane (whichever you find most appealing, really): using the small spoon attached to the underside of the lid, add one spoonful per cup. Despite its name and appearance, you shouldn't notice a flavour so much as a pleasant warmth with this one.

The second is a gentle easing syrup (in the small, stoppered bottle labelled 'Small Mercies'). You may add it to broth or tea, whichever you prefer. All you're likely to need is one drop, but there's no reason not to use a bit more if you find it helpful. This one's a recipe from The English Healer's Companion and relies entirely on native herbals. (You remember the book, I'm sure. It was a wonderful gift: I've profited from its wise advice more times than I can tell you.)

Oh, and that makes me think... If you're not feeling more like food by tomorrow, there's another recipe there that makes a nice job of enhancing both the savour and sustenance one takes in eating.

Enough for now, but I will pay a call in the morning again, and I told Storm that you are both to feel absolutely no hesitation in calling me tonight if there is anything at all I can do.
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I've just been having a word with a kitchen elf, my dear, and hear that you've not managed much today.

I quite understand why that is, but naturally I'm concerned.

If you don't mind, I believe I'll stop up now to see for myself how you're managing--and see if I can't tempt you with a few, easy to eat items of my own devising.


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